Apple to push out update to fix iPhone 15 overheating

Apple is working on a software update after owners of its recently released iPhone 15 reported that their phones are running hot.

The devices were warm because, the company said, there were bugs in iOS 17, bugs in apps and a setup period that all contributed to hot devices, CNBC reported.

The setup and even backup may increase the temperature of a device because of the amount of processing needed to complete the tasks, BBC News reported. According to the news outlet, the iPhone 15 seems to be warmer than normal.

“Another issue involves some recent updates to third-party apps that are causing them to overload the system,” Apple said, according to Reuters.

Some of the apps that Apple specifically referenced included: Instagram, Uber and Asphalt 9, according to BBC News.

The company said the update will not affect the performance of the iPhone, Reuters reported.

The iPhone 15 Pro retails for $999 while the iPhone 15 Pro Max is $1,199, CNBC reported.

By Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

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