Xbox 360 Controller v0.16.10 Mac Driver


Xbox 360 Controller v0.16.10 Mac Driver and Software Downloads. This downloads includes the Xbox 360 Controller 0.16.10 Driver and software for Macintosh 10.11 or later Operating Systems.

Xbox 360 Controller v0.16.10 Mac Driver Downloads

Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.11, OS X 10.12, OS X 10.13, , OS X 10.14
File Name: 360ControllerInstall_0.16.10.dmg, Size: 1.20MB
This Xbox 360 Controller version 0.16.10 download package contains the full software solution for Mac OS X including all necessary software and drivers.

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There are a couple new devices added in this release, along with some some safety features so that old versions of the driver don’t come back to haunt you. Primarily, this release is for new devices and some fixed version stuff.

– Xbox 360 Controller v0.16.10 Mac Driver Download

How to install the mac drivers:

  1. Launch Safari and download the 360 Controller v0.16.10 Mac driver.
  2. Go to your downloads folder in Finder and Double-click the 360ControllerInstall_0.16.10.dmg file.
  3. Double-click the Install360Controller.pkg that pops up in Finder.Click Continue. Again, click Continue.
  4. Select to Agree the license agreement and Click Install.
  5. Agree to allow a restart of the computer by clicking Continue Installation.Click Restart.
  6. Upon restarting the computer start System Preferences from the dock or the  menu.
  7. Click on Xbox 360 Controllers.

Note: Make sure to allow access to the developer in System Preferences > Security & Privacy

Xbox 360 Controller v0.16.10 Mac Driver downloads includes the latest Mac drivers.

Last Updated on November 30, 2018